Sunday, June 30, 2013

shoes for summer

i think all the girls have some kind of shoe obssesion. i'm searching for something perfect for this summer in local shopping centres but can't find any pair that would satisfy me. but offers some cute shoes that i would definitely wear for summer. on days or nights. check these out and choose your favourites!

black and red wedges || black flats || nude sandals || nude and black wedges || white and pink sandals

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

postcards from trakai

i've got some perfect views for you today! as i mentioned in the previous post, i had a flight above one of the most beautiful towns in lithuania trakai a week ago and today i'm showing you pictures of all the eye-catching views from that small cockpit. 
generally speaking, the landscape was not the only good thing in that flight. my favourite part was when the pilot let me hold a helm and pilot the plane! i was so amazingly wonderfully lucky that moment! of course, i was driving it for a very short time but the fact is that i was literally piloting that cessna and it lets me think that sometimes dreams come true.
and now take a look how gorgeous our lithuania is from the skies:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

fly me high ✈

do you know that feeling when you're above the ground and you can see everything from hights? i think that's one of the best feelings for me. yesterday i flew in a small plane - it was a gift for my bday from my parents but we have been waiting for summer to make this flight. if you don't know yet, i'm crazy about the planes and all the aircrafts. so yesterday was such a perfect day because we spent it all together - my family and i - and because of that flight above the trakai castle and majestic lakes there!
of course, we have some outfit of the day here as well (here we go with my new smiley bag and neon bandeau):
 skirt from ebay || top from h&m || bandeau from stradivarius || bag from lindex || ring from primark || sandals from danija

 stay tuned for more pictures from the flight! 

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pictures by justė

Friday, June 14, 2013

summer brights

first of all i want to tell you about another article about me and my clothes at! i'm so glad about that! read this if you're lithuanian and you haven't read it yet!
and today i want to show you a bright outfit for warm summer days which is also from that article. have a look:

maxi dress from h&m || espadrilles from london || belt from primark || bracelets from seppala

also i've won beautycycle nail wraps from daria's giveaway! just want to say a massive thank you! because i really like them and can't wait to try them on! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

let's go green

i love spending my summer days intensive from the very beginning! ok, intensive means that my friends and i are doing something everyday - like spending a day by the lake and playing volleyball in the evenings. but on tuesday i went to vilnius, to lana del rey concert. my friends gave me the ticket to the concert as a bday present and i was soooo happy about that!
of course, we did a quick outfit of the day shoot in the park with my sister that day. it's not that concert outfit that i went to see lana, but i spent all day in these clothes.


 top from secondhand || pants from primark || flats from h&m

here are some moments from lana's concert. i really liked it even though i'm not such a huge fan of her. but being in that singing crowd, seeing a lot of girls with floral crowns, feeling that happiness all around and living american dream for an hour was incredible. i was with karolis in there and if you're lithuanian, you can read his article about the concert here.

have a nice summer day!