Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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when it comes to the end of the year, i guess everyone starts recapturing old year, what they've done, what has changed and what has happened overall. to be honest, my life has changed a lot in 2015 and if somebody a year ago told me that i will live like this now, i wouldn't believe.

although i believe that every year - even every day - we are somehow improving, anyway in the beginning of the year we tend to make some bigger promises for ourselves, to make ourselves better the following year (but these not usually work, right? or is it only for me, haha?). so this time i'm trying to do the same believing that my resolutions will work. and i'm wishing the same for you - make all your resolutions come true, no matter when you start thinking about them, in January or in June.

and i also wanted to thank you, my readers, who read my blog even if my post are absolutely rare. i also wanted to thank all the people who were around me all year round, for all the support and love - i'm so happy to have you. it has been a lot grateful and perfect moments but also life is not life without those struggles and sadness. so thank you who survived everything with me - i love you all.

so 2016 are coming so fast with a lot of expectations, future adventures, obscurity and a bit of fear of what's going to happen then, because a lot has changed and even more is about to change.

i wish you all to have a beautiful N E W  Y E A R celebration, to make year of 2016 an unforgettable experience and to make your dreams and wishes come true! wish you all joy, love and happiness! xxx