Friday, March 29, 2013

diy bracelets

today i've got two diys for you! and they're bracelets. i wanted so bad to do something diy during my holiday, so i did and i'm really happy with the results. let's go straight to the diys!

first one: diy braided hex nut bracelet
the inspiration came from here and i wanted to make this bracelet so much! unfortunately, i didn't find gold hex nuts, so i had to use silvers. but i'm about to buy gold paint and i'm going to make those nuts gold! ok, but for now they're silver:
 you will need: some hex nuts (i found them in a local craft store) and a golden band.
   start braiding your band (i put it where it's more comfortable to braid, as you can see)
begin to braid in your nuts. thread on a nut, push it against the base of the braid, and crossover. hold it in its place tightly with your thumb and thread on another nut, push it against the base of the braid and crossover. at first it's not very easy but when you get the system it gets really simple.
 and when all the nuts are braided, keep braiding the band until the bottom, then make a knot and that's it!
 this is how it looks! nuts may be kind of big, but that's ok, they look really good! 

second one: studded friendship bracelet
i just found an old friendship bracelet and i wanted to renew it! and studs always work great for things like these.
 i used three studs and a friendship bracelet
 put the studs at the place where you want to stick them in
 use scissors or whatever you want to bend the prongs. don't hurt yourself, be careful!
 and this is it!

if you're going to make these bracelets, let me know - leave the comment or somehow else! x

Sunday, March 24, 2013

polar weekend

sooo, on friday i went to vlnius to see my sister and we spent two lovely days together. i love being with my sis, because anything we do - watching batman, finding new cozy cafes or going shopping - everything is so amazing. and you can check out infashion magazine, where there is something about my sister's closet!
 at the new sister's flat!
friday fun and saturday breakfast

 and on saturday we went to the city centre. so here is my polar bear outfit:
wearing: zara pants || danija shoes || grandma's made scarf || second hand fake fur || sweater - gift

and happy hour for glitter lovers! one more shiny piece of clothing in my closet: a skirt from vintage humana. it was only 11lt (~3€). i love the material and that glittering:
ok, the last good thing: guess what was waiting for me at home? yes, a huge and fat british vogue! i'm not loving the cover but i like the colour of the letters on it. now i know what i'm going to do this holiday week!

hope you all are well! have a nice sunday evening! x

Sunday, March 10, 2013

a bit about nails

i have some new nail polishes! my nails aren't really strong so i can't wear nail polish every day :( but i have lots of nail polishes, haha! and because there was a sale on eurokos, we bought four colours and one vitamin nail polish! i find it really difficult to choose the colours now, because they all seem to be the same or not interesting anymore. so i need some extraordinary colours. these may not be very extraordinary but nice, really nice:
catrice - in the bronx. i like this bronzy shiny colour and it looks really good on the nails.
essence simply black. i wanted a black colour because i've never had one. and the brush of this polish is big and thick, so it covers well.
catrice - wine-tastic. this is really dark red wine colour. it looks almost black on the nails but it's still an interestig colour.
and my favourite! shiny belaton nail polish! omg, when i saw this i grabbed it and ran straight to the cashier :D this is soooo amazing and it looks good on any dark colour. the problem is when i want to take it off. it's just so hard to clean! so, i have to wear it all week while it's still on my nails, haha!
so this is how they look on the nails.

ok, now i have some dark colours. i will buy some summer/minty/peachy the other time! have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

know what you wear

galaxy galaxy galaxy print! i'm interested what nebulae are on all those leggings and catsuits. so i managed to find some of them (blackmilk - they write what nebula is on their clothing, so it was really helpful!). of course, not all the clothes with the universe print have the real picture of  the nebula or stars on them, you can be sure of that.
for the reason that i love nebulae and i love galaxy print, i'll show you some pictures of clothes and nebulae with interesting facts about them:
LH95. it is a stellar nursery (a place where stars are forming) in the large magellanic cloud orbiting in the milky way. here you can see a catsuit and leggings with lh95! and this might be one of the most popular starry prints.
horsehead nebula. it's a dark nebula in the orion constellation. it's called horsehead because it reminds us of a horse head as you can see in the pictures. but it's a pity that this head is not visible on the catsuit.
 W49B. as blackmilk says: "this is the death of a star. this is the birth of a black hole inside a supernova. this is the youngest black hole ever discovered, at a mere 1000 years old. this is probably the most awesome thing you'll ever wear on your body. this image of w49b, along with the knowledge that it was the youngest black hole ever discovered, appeared on february 10 2013". yay, i like when stores give us some interesting information!
 orion nebula. this nebula is also in the constellation of orion. and it's visible to the naked eye in the night sky because it's one of the brightest nebulae. actually, orion is my favourite constellation and this nebula is amazing too. and here you can see the catsuit with the orion nebula.
 it may be ic1318 but i'm not sure about this. but it's really similar to those romwe leggings!
rosette nebula. it's an emission nebula in the milky way. it is named rosette nebula because of that rose shaped redness in this nebula and it's amazing how nebulae are really similar to our casual objects sometimes! and here are the leggings with rosette.
tarantula nebula. it's an extremely luminous nebula. its luminosity is so great that if it were as close to the earth as the orion nebula, the tarantula nebula would cast shadows. and the other cool fact is that tarantula nebula contains the heaviest star known, weighing in at more than 300 times the mass of the sun! and here it is the catsuit and leggings with this beautiful nebula.
 carina nebula. it's a large bright nebula and two of the most massive and luminous stars in our milky way galaxy are in it. there're some stars that have exploded in the last few million years, which is very recent in cosmic terms. they became supernovas! and these leggings, of course, are from blackmilk!

hope that you liked this science-fashion post and now you know more about all these galaxy prints and nebulae as well!

Friday, March 1, 2013


i've been feeling not so well today, so i spent a day at home. while drinking tones of tea i did some surfing through the internet shops. nastygal inspired me with all the crazy stuff in there, so i decided to show you something that i found today. i think i can call all these things statement things, because they're really cool.

first of all, just for fun. really hilarious statement - asos cross. i wouldn't wear it, maybe you know who would?
 some cute necklaces. first one from stephan & co, second one - not so big but still nice - from mohito and the third one, a cheaper version, from ebay.
this ring is totally amazing! it's a bit creepy but i still love it. i found it maybe a year ago and it was saved and forgotten at my favourites and now i remembered it! just look at this crazy eye from kimberly klosterman's jewelry.
simple but kinda unique headphones from nastygal. i would definitely wear these. but i'm still wondering about the sound.
  this catsuit from blackmilk would fit my post about science in fashion perfectly. they sell more catsuits like this in their store and all of them are absolutely amazing.
and here comes the disco! i've never been a disco pants lover but they look pretty nice in a way. i like those on the left - jade pants - the most. they're a bit crazy but fashionable at the same time. you can find these at missguided.
these made me laugh! what do you think? they even shine! omg, jeffrey campbell knows how to make unique shoes. no, i wouldn't have this pair but it would be interesting to see somebody wearing these sneakers. don't they remind you a rainbow cake?
bolt heels! i feel kind of pleasure just looking at them! they are from nastygal that's where all the beautiful shoes come from. (they're by madison harding)
this pair of mosters from nastygal by jc was my inspiration! when i saw them i was just like 'wooow'. i would love to try walking in these someday. they are such a huge statement!
and something from the local shops: really nice heels from zara
  and a bit smaller but still really cute wedges from mango.

so these are some crazy+lovely things that i've found.
and SPRING is here at last! have a nice evening!