Monday, February 25, 2013

red carpet

this friday we celebrated eglutė's 18th bday. dress code was red carpet, so it was an amazing opportunity to wear high heels and cute dresses. birthday was fuuun and all the girls and boys looked really cute. here are some pics from the party!
 all the superstars on the red carpet
having fun with my gorgeous and happy girls
  with my lovely birthday girl who is wearing superhigh killer heels and looking absolutely fabulous
divas on the red carpet. showing some nude skin!
pretty evelina. doesn't she look like a bit fannylyckman?
 cheers to eglė!

and this is my look:
and evelina did my make-up. it looks really red carpet.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

new in!

i got home today and two packages were waiting for me. one from ebay, another from the uk. i was so excited to open them! i got my sparkling phone case and vogue uk with cara delevingne on the cover (my birthday present from friends: vogue uk subscription for 3 months. i'm so thankful, guys - it's an absolutely amazing present!).
 i was so excited when i saw that march vogue uk will be with cara! and here it is, in my hands, and i still can't believe that i've got this book of fashion with my favourite model on the cover! aahh, that's amazing!
and yes, i'm addicted to sparkles :D this is my new gold and shiny phone cover!

and i have something more new: galaxy leggings and zara pants. i can say that i love to find something unusual and amazing in the secondhand stores. and my treasure that i found some days ago was galaxy leggings! i was walking through the store's door when i noticed a galaxy print in children's section. no matter that the leggings are for 10-11 year old kids, they fit me (even if they're a bit short :D). another good thing about the leggings - they are absolutely new. i'm so happy that i saw them!
and the other thing that i bought on tuesday - zara pants. they were on sale for about 56lt and i just needed to take them. they are awesome too. and i hope that zara won't disappoint me this time. 

 and the best thing is that the pants have gold zippers!

today was a really exciting afternoon! 
have a nice evening!

Monday, February 18, 2013

diy crystal ring

my diy things are always super easy and simple! today i did a crystal ring. i've been thinking about the ring like this for some time but i hadn't that crystal. and yesterday mom found it - a quartz crystal that my dad brought from ural mountains. we have more rocks and stones from ural but i don't know where they are. i hope that one day i'll find them all!
and here's something that i did today:

 the things you will need: quartz crystal, white moment glue, old ring
 just put some glue on the ring, push the crystal on that ring and press for a minute or two
  wait until the crystal stands still on the ring
 take some photos! yay!
 and yes, you have a perfect crystal ring! i'm so happy!

have a nice day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

v day surprises

i don't like valentines day. all the heart-shaped kitch in the stores doesn't make me feel in love. but just because i'm having a bit of vacation these days (the epidemy is announced at our school!), i wanted to make a surprise for my family and friends! today i made cupcakes with cute details on them. it's very simple and easy, you can do this too!
diy lovely decorations:
 little hearts
 little flags. you can write anything on them

easy breezy recipe of the cupcakes:
for 6 cupcakes you will need: 
70g butter
1 egg
4-5g vanilla sugar
75g sugar
2 tablespoons milk
115g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
something to put inside of the cupcakes: caramel, chocolate, jam, love, etc.

for the glaze:
powdered sugar
lemon juice
red edible paint 

what to do with all these things:
put everything together (butter must be melt) and mix. when dough is mixed enough put it into cupcakes baking tins or forms. add something that you want (i chose caramel and bananas) in the middle of the cupcakes (it will drown). bake cakes in 180°C temperature, about 25mins (you will see how they look, if they are gorgeous, take them out). make the glaze and put it on the cupcakes. wait until it's stiff. put the decorations! really simple and really cute!
 and this is the result! bon appetite!

  have a nice day with people that you love!

Friday, February 8, 2013


i'm a birthday girl today! yes, it was a really cold day 17 years ago when i was born. today i woke up feeling a bit older than yesterday, but still looking too young. yesterday we celebrated the birthday's eve with my family (i'm so glad that everybody's at home right now!) and my sis made an awesome and super tasty cake. tonight i'm going to spend a night with my friends and i hope it'll be an amazing night! so wait for other news tomorrow! and something from yesterday:
 cakecakecake nomnomnom
 thinking about a lot of wishes for this year (the shadow of my glasses seems like my eyebrows - it looks like i have an owl's eyebrows :D)
beautiful not only from the outside - from the inside too

 first shots of the evening

Sunday, February 3, 2013

baltic aviation academy

yesterday i was @baltic aviation academy - they had an open door day. it was about pilot work and piloting. how to become, what are the requirements, etc. it was so entertaining and interesting to see real flight simulators and fire simulator! i learnt that pilot job is not only about the knowledge and capacity of piloting - it's personality and confidence. i've always wanted to become a pilot (this can be a bit funny for you) but i'm not sure about my sight - it's really poor.
in the end there was a quiz - who will fly with flight simulator. i didn't win this opportunity and it was really really upseting. but i still believe that one day i will fly into that cockpit not in the simulator, in the real aircraft! :D
in the airbus a320 cockpit - flight simulator. everything looks like in the real plane!

 in boeing 737 simulator. sitting in the pilot's seat!
 left: this is how flight simulator looks from outside.
right: fire simulator - a copy of a plane to exercise with fire and smoke on the aircraft.

sorry for the shaky and instagramish quality of the pictures - i forgot to take my camera with me!

and something for fun: an amazing boeing's landing in the saint martin airport. omg, i want to visit that place!