Monday, August 10, 2015


hello, lovelies! first of all, sorry for being gone for almost a month. just life in london is unstoppable and time here runs so unbelievably fast. here it's possible to experience so many things during one day that i just can't imagine what would happen if i stayed longer in this city. and with my best friend Vaiva, we still can't believe that every day can bring something unexpected. like completely unexpected. things like almost causing fire in the restaurant or at home, being trapped in the toilet and  needing to climb through a window on the fourth floor, changing 4 living places per 1,5 month, breaking a lot of glasses at work, staying until late nights or, i'd better say, early mornings in the city. yes, we felt that crazy spirit of london and we love it. it's hard to believe that only two weeks left as we don't want to leave this city yet.
today i want to share some pictures of london life from my instagram - just in case you haven't seen them. and in the end of summer i am planning to create a london movie! hopefully my plans will get to reality! x

take care xx