Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 of nebūla

thank you for being with me and reading my blog this year! love you! x
i hope that 2014 will be even more amazing and special year for all and the resolutions you made will come true.
this is my memories from 2013 in quite random order:

happy new year! x

Sunday, December 22, 2013

diy: christmas candles

last days till christmas! let's do some diy projects. i got inspiration from andrea and her ideas for a room decor and i made two glittering christmas candles. it's perfect for gifts or just to lit on the table on christmas eve. so let's start:

you will need:
candles, glitter, brush, scissors, tape, pencil, glue and paper.

 1. cut a shape you need from paper: i chose a heart. 
2 and 3. stick the paper to the candle with a tape.
4. put glue on the candle. i suggest to put glue not on the whole area at once, just go through it inch by inch and cover the surface with glitter.
 4. cover the shape on the candle with glitter. you can put a lot of glitter at once but then shake the candle to get rid of the excess of the sparkles (they will fall anyway but shaking makes things a lot easier).
5. leave it to dry for some time. and start another project.

 1. apply a tape one the candle.
2. add glitter as in the previous candle project and then take the tape off.
 3. cut a christmas tree shape from paper.
4. stick the paper to the candle, put some glue and add green glitter.
5. when everything is dry, you can correct mistakes using a cotton bud. after all, spray the candles with hair spray, this will prevent glitter from falling.

and this is how the done project looks! i love how it sparkles and i will be pity to lit them up!

hope that you'll like it! if you try this, let me know in the comments. xx

Sunday, December 15, 2013

nebūla @ panelė

ok, i lied a little bit because this post didn't come as soon as i expected. anyway, do you remember when i wrote about my photoshoot in panelė? so this magazine came out last week and it was so surprising to see my face all over the page of the magazine. wow. strange but pleasant as well.
and i was announced as the best dressed girl and won an amazing accessory! thank you, panelė and all the super friendly crew of this magazine, so much for everything! x
(here is a short article about this here)
pictures by algis kriščiūnas

 this is how it looks in the magazine

and this is the fluffy and extraordinary bracelet that i got as a winning present. it's made of leather and down and it's super cool. i'm looking forward to using it in my christmas outfit maybe!

so, lithuanian girls, if you still haven't bought panelė, do it! and you'll see me and two beautiful ladies from this competition in there. and you can still take part in this competition too, just go here.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

let's celebrate

time runs and christmas is coming so fast! everybody thinks not only about the presents but about the christmas and new year outfits too. these holidays associate with lights and glitter for me and that's why i made some shiny outfits for these occasions. some may be kind of similar but i hope that you'll get some ideas for your holiday style! everything is from stores that are in lithuania and they offer great choices for bright celebrations:

what offers h&m:

what offers mango:

what offers stradivarius:

what offers zara:
dress || jacket || shoes || necklace || clutch || eye shadows || nail polish

 dress || jacket || bag || shoes || rings || tights

have a lovely week and stay tuned for another post which is going to be here very soon!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

thrift shop treasures

i decided to show you some clothing items which i found in thrift shops lately. fortunately, in my town there are plenty of these! on the other hand, it's not always possible to find something awesome or extraordinary (and the right size) in there. but here i put my autumn favourite findings, take a look:

nike air flow beauties. everybody's now obsessed with these nike air shoes. me too, actually. i wanted to buy some kind of nikes but a thrift shop helped me to save a fortune and i got these for only 20lt (8$)! such a bargain!

tommy hilfiger jacket. when i go to a second hand store, i search for clothes not only in women's section. sometimes the best things hide somewhere else. in this case, i found this jacket in men's section, maybe it even was a boy's section, i don't really remember. anyway, don't hesitate to go for a hunting through all over the shop! 
p.s. the jacket looks too red on the camera, it's not so bright in real. i got it for 15lt (6$).

a shiny atmosphere sweater. this is gorgeous! i really like the gold (yeah yeah, i know, gold. again) on the sweater material and this looks so festive. this one goes nice with pretty everything: jeans or skirt, pants or leggings. that's why i like it. it cost 15lt (6$).

white zara blazer. zara is one of my favourite brands and i'm so blessed when i find something from zara and it fits me! this blazer was one of those exciting things from zara and i got it with same patterned pants as a suit for 12lt (4.8$). unfortunately, pants are too big for me but the blazer - no no no, even it's size 40 - i don't care, i wear!

so go thrifting because you can find most unexpected things in there!

p.s. it's unbelievable that it is winter already. even though the weather is rainy not snowy, i have that winter and christmas excitement and some ideas for the following posts too, yay! have a nice week and the whole december. let it snow!