Tuesday, January 29, 2013

karl on me

quick view of my today's outfit:
 i'm wearing:
karl lagerfeld t-shit from h&m
shiny jacket from primark
sister's super cute beanie from rimi
skull bracelet and double finger ring from ebay
watch from primark
leggings from lindex

i thought there won't be much work this week. but it is. so it's a really short note about my ootd! have a nice week!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

diy golden earrings

it seems like i'm becoming so in love with sparkles! i saw some pictures of feather earrings with glitter on and i decided to make one pair myself. so, do it yourself:
you will need:
feather earrings (seppälä)
golden glitter (tiger)
put some glue and glitter on a paper. you can use a paintbrush, maybe it's handier. soak one earring into the glue and then put it into the glitter.
and this is how it works! it's really easy and the result is nice!

it's so beautiful outside! even it's really absolutely cold. have a warm week!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

shiny & glossy

some new stuff came to me and i'm very excited about it! some really shiny clothes have supplemented my wardrobe. when i hear the doorbell in the morning i get so excited because it's always a postwoman standing outside with some packages from ebay or somewhere else in her hands. this weeks' clothes:

shirt from ebay. from the pictures in the ebay store i thought that the collar will be more sequined than it is. of course, you can never trust those pictures. quality isn't that good too, but still, it's ebay, so you should never expect very good quality of clothes or whatever you're buying. however, the shirt looks nice and i like it!

velvet leggings from ebay. when i got them, i wasn't so happy about them. at first, it looked like a very cheap piece of clothing. but i have been wearing these leggings for two days now and i think that i already love them :D in the pictures the colour looks very weird because of light, i couldn't find the place where to take the pictures for the colour to look like it looks in real. and about the size: these are one size leggings, but they aren't very elastic or big, so be careful about the size if you want to buy them.

yesterday i was @ ozas, just window shopping. and i saw a new shop - centro - with a lot of glitter and shoes inside. i grabbed the first shoe that i saw just to see the price. it was 17,90. at first i thought that the price was in euros, but then i understood that it was in litas. i was like 'are you kidding me?'. of course, this store is full of kitsch and glitter, but when i saw these shoes... i felt like gabrielle from 'desperate housewives' buying this pair of high heels just to feel happier: this week was absolutely exhausting and i was really worried about everything. i hope so that i will put these on someday and somewhere!

have a nice day! weekend is almost here!

Friday, January 11, 2013

nebūla @ panele.lt

i just want to say a super huge thank you to vytautė žališkevičiūtė who found me on madosknyga.lt and invited for an interview! this was an amazing opportunity to tell more about my blog, show something and i just had a great evening @ panele with vytautė, karolis and vytenis (the photographer that i was very pleased to work with).
+3000 visitors per day - that was huge for my blog :D
thank you all who have read the article and i hope that it's not the last time people visit this blog and it's not the last time when i'm being invited for the interview or stuff like that!
by the way, you can read it here.

photographed by vytenis kriščiūnas

Monday, January 7, 2013

anatomy in fashion

i've never thought how much depicting of human body in anatomical way affects fashion nowadays. veins, bones, skeletons and stuff are soooo on top now. for me, personally, it's really cool, but sometimes it's too much. like the muscle leggings. no, i wouldn't have this piece of clothing in my closet, but the x ray leggings are amazing for me. when i started thinking about anatomy in fashion i found a lot of clothes with anatomic details. of course, the inside of a human body is as important as its outside, so i'm really fascinated and interested how designers present this inside thing to the fashion audience.
x ray leggings and scarf by alexander mcqueen. these leggings are the most amazing from all the leggings in here. i would definitely wear these!
the other x ray leggings and skeleton swimsuit from nastygal. more like bony ones, but also absolutely cool.
 muscle leggings from black milk. yes, these are or maybe were very popular.
 blood vessels leggings from amazon.com
 backbone shoes from dsquared2 fall 2010. in my oppinion, this pair is perfect.
subtle muscle imitation in vilsbøl de arce a/w 2010 collection. even the installations remind us the muscles of human body.
givenchy fall 2010 couture collection - really delicate way to show the hints of anatomy. "a romantic way to see death", as riccardo tisci said.
 the allusions of bones and muscles in marchesa fall 2012.
and, of course, a well known model, the zombie boy, rick genest, who is like a walking skeleton with all his mysterious symbols on the body. he's an icon.

Friday, January 4, 2013


 22nd of december: tradition
there's tradition to put hay under the tablecloth and pull it on christmas eve to find out about your life the following year

24th of december: favourite part of christmas eve
a dinner with my family

25th of december: morning
christmas morning - searching for the things that santa left under the christmas tree!

 26th of december: grateful
my sister was very grateful when she got the baked mushrooms (i don't know how to call these in english, in lithuanian i call them just grybukai)
27th of december: night time
night time at church

 28th of december: words
orion nebula and words about it. this is an amazing old book 'science and the universe' that my mom found somewhere among old stuff

 29th of december: sky view
the sunny morning today - it's so good to wake up with the sun

30th of december: your winter wonderland 
our town wonderland

31st of december/1st of january: fun
our fun at midnight! happy new year!