Friday, August 31, 2012

last friday night

can't believe that it is the last evening of summer2012. can't believe that tomorrow it's autumn already. i can't believe that i will be in the 11th grade from tomorrow. but this summer was impressive. i had a lot of experience and saw many beautiful places. i visited uk and estonia, partied a lot, spent every evening somewhere with my friends and did mostly everything that i wanted to do. there're some flashbacks from my summer:

 from the very start - first days of summer
 dancing with sandra @ utena.
 with vaiva before her performance in molėtai town festival
 ugnė's 18th birthday
 going to biplan concert @ molėtai
 sunbathing with eigilė
 night life :D
 at vaiva's grandparents village
super lovely hedgehog!
 london girl in asda trolley
 night in london
 cozy evening with vaiva
 neon neon
 going to rap invasion @ stereo club in molėtai
 celebrating with my class
 neon evelina
waiting for my horses to come
 cocktails @ stereo
 estonian girlz near the baltic sea
 having a conversation :)
 sparkling sparklers!
  kiss kiss @ london with kipras
 @ stereo with vaiva & erika
visited great britain!
 yes yes, lovely london, i love you!
and for 9 months i must say goodbye to the most perfect and incomparable summer...

two days in tallinn

the best way to travel and end your summer - to do it with your best friend. my friend vaiva and i spent two days and one night in tallinn. it is enough to spend the whole day walking around tallinn centre because it is so small! but central tallinn is full of vikings, people dressed up in national costumes, tourists and noisy traders in the central market. that charmed us so much because you won't see such things in vilnius. tallinn persuaded us that it has very beautiful old town and that it is so lovely city.

riga from the bus
 giant chair in latvia's fields
searching for our hotel
  in our small but cute room. getting ready for the night
 lovely sundries - impressionistic painting in the room
 ooh so cute fountain!
 with panorama of tallinn
 near the sea! yey!
 tallinn tallinn and ūla
  before eating giant pancakes! i finished it even though my sister told me that it's impossible to eat all the pancake!
 central tallinn
 local artist
going into the vana tallinn
saying goodbye for our endless summer

Sunday, August 26, 2012

and you're in the sky again, neil

he was a hero. and he still is.
news about neil armstrong's death was  really sad news for all the space lovers and i think all the people in the world. because this astronaut made the first steps on the moon and they were like a big step to all the new inventions in science and they were like a dream come true. who would have ever thought before that someday the moon, that object in the night sky, will be touched by a human hand? neil will always be a hero for all the people.

Friday, August 24, 2012

London in shopping or huge primark haul

it's kind of funny but one of the most wanted to visit places was primark :D all my friends who were in london told me a lot about this store. and i wasn't dissapointed. it's cheap, big and there are a lot of clothes (not all of them are worth buying but the most og them, i think)! i'll show you what i've bought:

 neon tshirts. one for me, one for my friend
one of the best item of clothing that i bought. only 10£!
 two belts
 sexy skirt and turquoise-green pants
 top from h&m
 neon top for my friend
 chiffon shirt for my friend
 white chiffon and lace shirt
  hawaiian playsuit and cheap 7 pairs of socks
 dress dress!
 two tops, don't know why i bought them but maybe i'll use the somehow
 chiffon shirt with small black cats
  size 18 shirt from new look
two collars, two rings, watch and bun
  black shirt

i bought some things for my sister too but she took them and i couldn't take photos of them. :s so, that's all, i think. but i'm very happy about shopping in england.

and there's an envelope clutch that i got from ebay! i really love it.