Friday, June 27, 2014

bloggers meet DANIJA

last night we had a great time with the lithuanian bloggers in the DANIJA shoe store where we were asked to come for a talk about fashion and, of course, shoes! we met two girls, sales managers, justė and amelija from DANIJA who told us about their perfect job that every girl or at least a shoe lover would love to have. this job involves travelling around the world (i mean from hong kong to london) and searching for shoes that would fit the lithuanian women foot and taste. every job that involves travelling is pretty amazing but when we add shoes (can you hear the angel choir?) - it really sounds like a dream job. i've never thought about a job like this so it was really interesting to hear all these stories about searching, changing, designing shoes so that they had demand in our country.
at the end of the evening they let us choose one pair of shoes from the whole store that we liked most. it was literally like a dream come true (didn't you ever thought about being able to choose anything in the shop for free? yes, it finally happened!) and it was quite difficult to decide what i liked most. after trying a bunch of shoes i chose a pair of white/gold sandals.
i came home so excited that i couldn't sleep! meeting the bloggers, choosing the shoes, conversing with pretty girls from DANIJA, getting new experience - all this made my day so wonderful. (i think you can feel my excitement from this post, haha)
i want to say a huge THANK YOU, DANIJA, for inviting me and hopefully it's not the last time!

this kind of meeting is impossible without champagne and desserts
and tones of pictures too!
justė and amelija
simona with all the shoes
 daria found a lovely cupcake

i chose quite minimal and simple b&w outfit for this meeting.
 pants from secondhand || shirt from cubus || shoes from clarks || jewellery from h&m || jacket from zara

and you may be interested in what i've chosen from DANIJA. here they are - my extra-ordinary golden tamaris sandals (they remind me of sandals from cosmo jesus collection, maybe that's why i like them so much):

stay tuned because the following post will be about the SHOES too! have a nice weekend! xx

Thursday, June 19, 2014

last day at school

yes, as you can see i am back. after a long marathon of exams (i literally haven't seen any people during that time, it was just me and books haha) i finally got back to writing my blog and i'm so happy that i have the whole summer to relax and get my blog back to life! it was just quite a difficult time with all the studies but it has come to an end. the only thing to wait for is the results of the exams because it's really interesting how did i do. what i already know - i did really great in my english exam and i'm very excited about that!
and today i want to show what i wore during the last day at schooltcelebration which was three weeks ago (omg, so many things happened since that day!). i just wanted to keep the outfit classy and simple, that's why i chose this zara dress.
 dress from zara || heels from second hand || jewellery from h&m || lipstick from rimmel (LF by kate 107)

stay tuned for another post! xx