Friday, May 31, 2013

floral bodycons

i found out that i'm really loving floral bodycon dresses and i want one for this summer very much! here are some choices from different shops but they all got something nice.

is neon for summer? yes. last summer was absolutely neon summer, but as i can see, brights aren't going anywhere. and a nice dress requires a bag that would match bright florals. they won't hurt your closet anyway:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

keep it simple

summer is just round the corner, so i'm showing you a simple and summery outfit today. i love espadrilles because they're so comfortable and, of course, i'm wearing this gorgeous lion everywhere! so just keep it simple!

 lion necklace from ebay || old pink top || shorts from h&m || old espadrilles from london

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


now i know how much i love unexpected shopping when you have no intention to buy something and just find the things you adore! yesterday it was a situation like that: i just went to vilnius to meet my friend in the shopping centre and i didn't expect to buy anything. but to make a long story short - i bought that headband in the first store i walked in. then the shopping monster became alive in me. so i found the bracelet and an absolutely amazing swimsuit (i needed one so i'm so happy that i found the one i really like at last)! so, it is a great step to summer.

 first purchace - this gold headband from forever18. i don't really like this store because everything there seems to be poor quality and cheap. but i really liked this and it looks nice on my hair.
 second one was this bracelet from newyorker, another cheap store. i want to add some neons to my summer outfits, but i had to take off that neon band because it looked not very nice and i thought it would be much better without it. gold and black together always look gorgeous.
 and where are the trumpets/flourish? because the big thing comes here - a new peachy neon swimsuit from mohito! i found it accidentaly and, of course, who wouldn't like it, i fell in love. now i want to go swimming as soon as i can!
 and about a week ago i got this watch from ebay. i really like the size and how it looks on my wrist. and i think that it will look awesome with that bracelet from newyorker.

aaaand one more thing: i'm joining the giveaway here in marija's blog and i wanted to tell you this, you must join it too because marija offers us to win an amazing gift set from lush! don't miss the chance to win it and also visit a nice blog!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

lilacs, woods and lace

it's so green and blossomed everywhere. i love the heat these days and i can feel summer coming so soon! can't believe that only two weeks left to go to school, finally!
and this is a new look with a beautiful top that my sister found in the secondhand store and my diy shorts. i think, that this outfit woud be great for a festival, it's not so casual but comfortable.
and what can be better than warm spring evenings and lilacs now?
lace croptop from secondhand || diy studded shorts || pink vans || spiky earcuff from ebay
pictures by justė

have a nice sunday evening!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

hello! today i want to show you a fabulous online store whom have recently contacted me! i checked their webpage and i was really surprised by all the nice clothes and accessories. so i did some outfits with their selling clothes and i want to show you what they've got!

early morning in the city 

day out

blazer || sneakers || top || pants || backpack || shirt || ring

summer florals

shiny evening

pants || shirt || heels || clutch || shorts || dress

as you can see, they have really fashionable and nice stuff there. and another good thing is that the shipping is free worldwide, so wherever you're from, you can buy their clothes in normal price.
tell me which outfit is you favourite! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

greek shades

it's amazing when your neighbours have some greek blue walls. and it's amazing when my sister is at home and we can do some great work together. and here are the pictures from our windy sunday:

skirt: ebay | tricot: secondhand | shoes: secondhand | lipstick: catrice 'berry pink'
pictures by justė