Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY shorts!

lately i'm sooo into DIY shorts and stuff. i've dyed and studded my shorts. so i want to show you the results!

first: blue to red!
first of all i've bleached my old pair of shorts. and i thought that they would become white. but no, they didn't :D the colour was ugly pink, so i decided to buy pink dye and make them bright pink. but finally they became red. but i like the colour of the shorts now, it's so intensive!

second: half purple
i wanted half-dyed shorts and actually i'm very happy with the result. maybe the purple colour is too dark but i like the way it is. i found white jeans in a secondhand store for 50 cents and my sister helped me to crop them. i put half of the shorts into a pot with purple dye, left them in the pot for a day, washed and here they are!

third: studded shorts
these are my favourite now. i've bought studs on ebay and after some time i finally found right jeans to stud (also in a secondhand store). the first thing i did was cut the jeans into shorts, also with my sister's help. and theeen i studded the back pocket. it took some time to stud all the space there but after all i'm so excited to have the shorts like these!

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