Sunday, October 21, 2012

city day

all the days of autumn could be like it was yesterday. and i could spend all days like i spent yesterday! watching model casting, eating pancakes and cookies, philharmony, beautiful weather and the day with my sister. this is what we did yesterday.
it was a model casting for fashion infection in panorama yesterday. yeah, there were a lot of beautiful people! and it's kind of sad because of my height; i wish i was a model too :D but i'm so glad that lots of people are not afraid to show themselves and go on catwalk.

and what did i wear on our super saturday:
sweater sarah's (a woman from israel) gift 
skirt from newyorker
collar from primark
shoes from zygio batai
coat - i don't really remember where did i get it 
scarf which grandmother made me

and in the evening we went to philharmony, to one of the gaida music festival concerts. we listened to
albertas navickas, raminta šerkšnytė, ondrej adamek, kaija saariaho music. it was strange to hear the symphony orchestra playing not classical music.
and when the music reached fff  the rush of feelings and everything came to me. i felt shivers everywhere, every muscle was tensed, the breathing stopped and it was stunning. yes, music means a lot to me. can't wait to go somewhere else, to the event like this!
 kari kriikku playing the clarinet and the orchestra 
contrabasses 'resting'


it's always nice to hear something from YOU! xx