Saturday, April 13, 2013

blow them out with your lips

bright colours, come to me! today i have two new lipsticks to show you. i'm not wearing lipsticks very often but when it is some kind of an occasion, i choose reds and pinks to wear on my lips. so here we go with spring brights:

i noticed this lipstick in eurokos shop and i was stalking it. and few days ago i finally decided that i really want to have it. it looks kind of red in the pictures, but it is berry pink shade of catrice. ok, maybe it is a bit redder than pink berry but still pink.

another boy is this red (this is really red) lip pencil. i wanted a lip pencil so bad! it's better than a lipstick, in my opinion, because a pencil stays on my lips for a long time and it doesn't come off as i drink or eat. i'm so so happy about this pencil! it is 010 ruby red by catrice.

and i hope that spring is coming to our land at last and winter is getting out of here. have a nice weekend! xx


  1. Labai gražūs baltinukai :)

  2. tavo lūpos tokios nuostabios! :)

  3. i wonder why you don't wear lipstick alot. it looks great on you. catrice is one of my favourite drugstore brands.
    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

    1. thank you, dear! yes, i like catrice very much too! xx

  4. Nuostabus marskinukai! (;


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