Tuesday, November 19, 2013

panelė, cosmetics and photoshoot

i like winning competitions. and participating, of course. maybe you like it too? this one is for lithuanian girls only, but it's a great opportunity to show your style and clothes. if you like to dress well - go here.
long story short - two girls from different towns and i won the first month photo shoot and i was so excited when i received a call from this magazine! so i was to panelė this thursday and had an amazing photo shoot with my hair and make up done. everybody there was soooo friendly and nice, driving home i couldn't stop smiling because that was a really surprisingly wonderful day. another thing - i met a lovely blogger in a photo shoot, check this pretty girl out! 
and yes, it's pretty cool to be a part of our lithuanian fashion world. so don't forget to buy a december issue of panelė!

and we got some gifts too - make up items from mary kay's line 'at play'! i've heard about mary kay cosmetics and their great quality earlier and now i have an opportunity to try these. as long as i'm not so good at writing reviews about make up products because i don't really use much make up, i'll try to manage something :)

1. baked eye trio 'ocean view' has nicely matching blue coloring. actually, i like that shiny silver colour the  most, it fits everything. and the shades stay on eyelids for a long time - that's a huge plus.

2. eye crayon 'in the navy' - this was my mom's favourite item. she loves this colour so i gave it to her as i don't use crayons. but sadly, the colour wasn't so intense on eyelids and didn't stay for a long time. but still, it's a gorgeous shade and my mom's happy with this!

3. lip crayon 'toasted' goes pretty nice with a lip gloss. i like using crayons as lipsticks and this one covers really easily and smoothly, doesn't dry lips and, what is more, smells so good!

4. jelly lip gloss 'hot tamale' - this is what i liked a lot! firstly, i like my lips glowing and this gloss makes them shine bright and look plummy! another plus - the colour is pretty natural so i can wear this everywhere. 

so stay tuned for more about panelė and a photo shoot! have a nice week!  x


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  2. the color on the eye shadows looks super beautiful ! xoxo

  3. Just noticed this brand at Wall-Mart and decided to Google it when I got home. I think I'm going to try their eyeliner since I'm still in search for the perfect one from the pharmacy for me :)
    luxury beauty.


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