Thursday, June 19, 2014

last day at school

yes, as you can see i am back. after a long marathon of exams (i literally haven't seen any people during that time, it was just me and books haha) i finally got back to writing my blog and i'm so happy that i have the whole summer to relax and get my blog back to life! it was just quite a difficult time with all the studies but it has come to an end. the only thing to wait for is the results of the exams because it's really interesting how did i do. what i already know - i did really great in my english exam and i'm very excited about that!
and today i want to show what i wore during the last day at schooltcelebration which was three weeks ago (omg, so many things happened since that day!). i just wanted to keep the outfit classy and simple, that's why i chose this zara dress.
 dress from zara || heels from second hand || jewellery from h&m || lipstick from rimmel (LF by kate 107)

stay tuned for another post! xx


  1. Lovely pics!!!

  2. viskas gražu ir subtiliai paprasta.
    išskyrus lūpdažį. neįsižeisk, bet Tau labai netinka ryškūs lūpdažiai (nepirmąkart pastebiu), nes atrodo, kad veide nėra daugiau jokio bruožo tik lūpos. nes jos pakankamai putlios, o padažytos ryškiai raudonai atrodo tikrai nelabai kaip. Tau labiau tiktų švelnūs, nude atspalvių lūpdažiai (bet čia tik mano nuomonė).

  3. puikiai atrodai !


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