Tuesday, July 8, 2014

s for shoes

do you know that feeling when you find the perfect pair of shoes? now i know. i was searching for a pair of classic high heels similar to louboutins for my graduation. i wanted this pair to be like this or this. and finally i found two 11cm high beauties in zara sale! they're kind of louboutins with gold details. the price was really good too - it was reduced from 110lt to 90lt (44$ to 36$). i love them so much that i can't stop walking around home while wearing them. now i feel that my graduation outfit is complete (my graduation is on friday, can't wait to this!) and i will hopefully look really good! so just look at these two:

another pair of shoes that i got recently are sandal wedges from danija. i bought them because of the price - they cost only 30lt (12$). i like how the wedge is formed but they're not the most comfortable  shoes. but they'll look beautiful in summer parties!

hope you're having a wonderful summer! xx


  1. I love both pairs! maybe the second ones a bit more!



  2. Nuostabūs batukai, o kainos tikrai puikios !


  3. La verdad es que cuando das con unos zapatos así no paras de zurrarlos.


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