Tuesday, December 23, 2014

maybelline cosmetics

a few days ago i got this wonderful package from maybelline! i was very excited when i got email from maybelline saying that i'll get a mascara and baby lips lip balms. i had one lipstick before and i fell in love with it from the first touch. and i really needed a new mascara so the this gift came right on time and i feel lucky about this!
maybelline lash sensational mascara
 i like mascaras that lengthen and thicken lashes. this makes my lashes look long and nice. even if the brush is a bit small but it's comfortable. i had also a maybelline mascara before which had a large brush and, i guess, i got used to that. this one is different but i think i'll get used to this soon!

baby lips hydrate
this was my first baby lips lip balm which i fell in love with. i really like the shiny and watery effect it makes on my lips. it's really soft and it stays on the lips for a long time. some lip balms or lipsticks make me thirsty, so i always search for a lip balm that doesn't drain my throat. this one slightly does that but i'm ok with that. i love it anyway.

baby lips cherry me
what i like about this one - it has a hint of colour, so it kind of looks like a faded lipstick. of course, it's smooth and lovely!

 baby lips peach kiss
 this one has a little hint of colour, not as much as previous one. but i like how this one smells. it has that peachy scent. i think that everyone of these lip balms will make your lips look delicious (just heard that delicious lips from the song, haha! but it's so true!) and as cute as baby has.

hopefully you'll try something from this collection, these could be great christmas presents! tell me what do you think about this products if you tried some. have a nice day, lovelies! xx

pictures are taken with canon eos 700D camera


  1. so nice.. ; ]]


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  2. Jei nepaslaptis, ka ir kaip naudoji paryskinti antakius? Jie atrodo tobulai :)

  3. Aha... Antakiai tikrai nuostabūs tavo, ha!!


  4. amazing products! such a cool review!
    Emma xx


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