Thursday, May 14, 2015


omg omg omg omg omg! if you haven't seen this in supermarkets yes - take a glance to magazine section and you may see my face there!
how can i explain it - a dream come true. and if you are still wondering what happened - my face is on the cover of PANELE magazine and my story is inside it. about blog, about aviation, about clothes. what is more, this issue is legendary because all the editorial office leaves this magazine and this one is the last issue of PANELE that this amazing squad made. i want to say huge huge huge huge thank you to Orijus Gasanovas who invited me to be a cover girl and wrote about me, to Algis Kriščiūnas who took fantastic pictures, to Jurga Baltrukonytė - the editor of the magazine - who helped us during the photoshoot and to Ana Valytė who did all this gorgeous make up. thank you all once again and i'm super amazingly excited to be the part of the PANELE history - the magazine that every lithuanian girl grew up with.


  1. awesome!! ;-)

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  2. Congrats! :D I would be so curious to read the article about you, but sadly I have no possibility to buy it from where I live :(

  3. Seniai jau pirkau panelę. bet manau pats metas šį mėnesį ją nusipirkti :)


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