Sunday, September 30, 2012

friend's concert & green night

friday, oh this friday was kind of interesting, because i went to vilnius twice and had a great time there!
first i went to my bestfriend vaiva's concert @ picture gallery. the hall and the whole gallery are outstanding. the concert was nice too, i love to hear vaiva singing even though she sang only one song in the concert :)
 the hall
  with vaiva and eigilė
 welcome to my crib style :D

and then i came back home to molėtai. i was just drinking my tea when my friend called me and said just like 'let's go to vilnius, it's green night tonight, you have two mins to dress up, we are coming for you!'. that was shocking :D i woke up my mom and said that i'm going to vilnius again! i jumped into my clothes, took some make up and ran out. i put on my make up in the car on the way to vilnius. we spent a night @ loftas and it was a super fantastic night with my friends! 
 @ loftas
 can you see our secret friend? :D
 @ loftas
 after all, @ home

 p.s. we found oreo in molėtai local shop! wohoho!


  1. Labai patiko tavo svarkelis :)

    Linkiu daugiau tokiu netiketu isvyku. Tokie dalykai VEŽA !

    1. taaip, mano jis, ko gero, vienas mėgstamiausių rūbų :)
      aha, tikra tiesa, tikrai veža :)) dėkui!


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