Friday, September 7, 2012

new stuff + nails

yey, new stuff from ebay came to me! not all of things i've ordered but now i'm happy about these which are here! :) have a look:

 spiky earcuff! we took two: one for me, one for my sis.
 it looks awesome, isn't it!
my elf ear and spikes

amazing feather earings
 like a little crow 

aaand i did something with my nails these days.
  the tape trick: cocoa nails with some lines on. inspired by beautydepartament 
 white and gold ombre nails. not so perfect as i tried and wanted to do but i like my nails like that.

and now it's september. first week wasn't that bad but all the thoughts about my future and studies are killing me. hope so, that i'll decide what i want soon. have a nice weekend, the very first weekend of autumn!

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