Friday, January 4, 2013


 22nd of december: tradition
there's tradition to put hay under the tablecloth and pull it on christmas eve to find out about your life the following year

24th of december: favourite part of christmas eve
a dinner with my family

25th of december: morning
christmas morning - searching for the things that santa left under the christmas tree!

 26th of december: grateful
my sister was very grateful when she got the baked mushrooms (i don't know how to call these in english, in lithuanian i call them just grybukai)
27th of december: night time
night time at church

 28th of december: words
orion nebula and words about it. this is an amazing old book 'science and the universe' that my mom found somewhere among old stuff

 29th of december: sky view
the sunny morning today - it's so good to wake up with the sun

30th of december: your winter wonderland 
our town wonderland

31st of december/1st of january: fun
our fun at midnight! happy new year!

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