Monday, January 7, 2013

anatomy in fashion

i've never thought how much depicting of human body in anatomical way affects fashion nowadays. veins, bones, skeletons and stuff are soooo on top now. for me, personally, it's really cool, but sometimes it's too much. like the muscle leggings. no, i wouldn't have this piece of clothing in my closet, but the x ray leggings are amazing for me. when i started thinking about anatomy in fashion i found a lot of clothes with anatomic details. of course, the inside of a human body is as important as its outside, so i'm really fascinated and interested how designers present this inside thing to the fashion audience.
x ray leggings and scarf by alexander mcqueen. these leggings are the most amazing from all the leggings in here. i would definitely wear these!
the other x ray leggings and skeleton swimsuit from nastygal. more like bony ones, but also absolutely cool.
 muscle leggings from black milk. yes, these are or maybe were very popular.
 blood vessels leggings from
 backbone shoes from dsquared2 fall 2010. in my oppinion, this pair is perfect.
subtle muscle imitation in vilsbøl de arce a/w 2010 collection. even the installations remind us the muscles of human body.
givenchy fall 2010 couture collection - really delicate way to show the hints of anatomy. "a romantic way to see death", as riccardo tisci said.
 the allusions of bones and muscles in marchesa fall 2012.
and, of course, a well known model, the zombie boy, rick genest, who is like a walking skeleton with all his mysterious symbols on the body. he's an icon.


  1. The scarf and those three dresses in the last pictures are my favorite. Ah, I'd really like that scarf!

  2. kaip gražu čia viskas!!! Man tos timpos su raumenais geriausios ir praktiškiausios :D reikia, apsimauni ir pasikartoji kur, koks raumenuka syra kojose

    1. labai gražu ir maan! joo, dėl praktiškumo tai super, ypač biologijos pamokose ;D


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