Sunday, December 22, 2013

diy: christmas candles

last days till christmas! let's do some diy projects. i got inspiration from andrea and her ideas for a room decor and i made two glittering christmas candles. it's perfect for gifts or just to lit on the table on christmas eve. so let's start:

you will need:
candles, glitter, brush, scissors, tape, pencil, glue and paper.

 1. cut a shape you need from paper: i chose a heart. 
2 and 3. stick the paper to the candle with a tape.
4. put glue on the candle. i suggest to put glue not on the whole area at once, just go through it inch by inch and cover the surface with glitter.
 4. cover the shape on the candle with glitter. you can put a lot of glitter at once but then shake the candle to get rid of the excess of the sparkles (they will fall anyway but shaking makes things a lot easier).
5. leave it to dry for some time. and start another project.

 1. apply a tape one the candle.
2. add glitter as in the previous candle project and then take the tape off.
 3. cut a christmas tree shape from paper.
4. stick the paper to the candle, put some glue and add green glitter.
5. when everything is dry, you can correct mistakes using a cotton bud. after all, spray the candles with hair spray, this will prevent glitter from falling.

and this is how the done project looks! i love how it sparkles and i will be pity to lit them up!

hope that you'll like it! if you try this, let me know in the comments. xx


  1. Ottime idee!

  2. Kokia gera idėja! Reikės būtinai išbandyti :))


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