Sunday, December 15, 2013

nebūla @ panelė

ok, i lied a little bit because this post didn't come as soon as i expected. anyway, do you remember when i wrote about my photoshoot in panelė? so this magazine came out last week and it was so surprising to see my face all over the page of the magazine. wow. strange but pleasant as well.
and i was announced as the best dressed girl and won an amazing accessory! thank you, panelė and all the super friendly crew of this magazine, so much for everything! x
(here is a short article about this here)
pictures by algis kriščiūnas

 this is how it looks in the magazine

and this is the fluffy and extraordinary bracelet that i got as a winning present. it's made of leather and down and it's super cool. i'm looking forward to using it in my christmas outfit maybe!

so, lithuanian girls, if you still haven't bought panelė, do it! and you'll see me and two beautiful ladies from this competition in there. and you can still take part in this competition too, just go here.


it's always nice to hear something from YOU! xx