Thursday, October 23, 2014


there was a grand BERSHKA store opening at OZAS shopping centre in Vilnius. they invited us, bloggers, for a coffee (or a chai tea, in my case) and conversation about their stores, clothes and new trends. and what i can tell -  the atmosphere there was fantastic! as soon as we stepped into the store loud music and smiling faces met us there. there was a manicurist, a make-up artist, girls who were giving everyone chocolates and soft drinks, photographers and beautiful people all around. actually, after this event i've learnt a lot about BERSHKA's concept and trends that they're offering. this is a store for young people and AW14 campaign 'the call of the urban wolves' is created specially for our youngsters in the streets who have a connection with nature too. i think that i've slightly changed an opinion about BERSHKA and i won't ever miss the chance to go into this store while shopping because they really do have great clothes to offer!
i really like the accessories at the store, i think that this season they're really worth having 

 and, of course, how without gifts? every blogger was given a bag with an accessory and i got an amazing silver collar which i'm really happy to have now and can't wait for an opportunity to wear!


  1. Sveika, primink savo sesers blogą :) buvau užsibukmarkinus, patiko, bet dabar neberandu :)))

    1. labas :)
      bet dabar daugiau visko vyksta jos facebook paskyroje :)

  2. Fantastic pics! I love the necklace:)
    Have a nice day dear,


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