Sunday, November 2, 2014

weekend in prague

a weekend that was a week ago was kind of unusual for me. i visited czech republic - spent two days there. kind of unusual in other ways too - this trip included a lot of first times. for the first time i slept at the airport (or even brushed my teeth there), for the first i rode a tram, for the first time i flew with dash or fokker aircraft, for the first time i had to change a plane to reach my destination. but starting from the beginning, i won a trip to czech republic with my university to get to know more about erasmus program in brno university of technology. but of course, we visited prague first and walked like five hundred miles all around the old town. but this is the city i want to come back over and over again because it's fantastic! i was in prague about 7 years ago but memories still exist in my head because i remembered all the streets and sculptures there! i highly recommend visiting prague because it's the city of marvelous architecture and friendly people. 
in the evening we took a train to brno. what can i say - i learnt that i don't really like trains. that one to brno was awful. anyway, brno greeted us with beautiful streets and old buildings all around. actually, i wasn't expecting brno to have such a gorgeous old town and beautiful churches. this is city is worth visiting too! and, of course, how a party animal like me would stay calm in the hostel at night? no way! i wanted to see what czech clubs look like. we visited one of brno clubs 'two faces', but actually, i was quite disappointed because clubs in vilnius are much better than the one we've visited in brno.  on saturday after spending few hours with a guy from brno university who told us a lot about the erasmus programme, we took a train back to prague. i was expecting the worst, but the train was new and pretty fast, so that was a great relief for me! 
back in prague we didn't have much time and strength to walk more, so we just took a bus to the airport. so that was the first time spending a night at the airport and it was interesting because the airport was empty for the whole night. i thought that i'll feel broken after sleeping on the chairs there but i took quite a good nap and felt really great in the morning! after all, it was a really interesting trip in all ways. i had four flights during this weekend and this is what i like the most about that! also, i visited not only czech republic - i had to change planes in frankfurt (when going to prague) and vienna (going back to vilnius), so i can't tell that i saw much of the country, but anyway, at least i touched the ground of germany and austria, haha! and as an aviator, my pleasure was to see huge boeings and airbuses at the airports.
all in all, huge thanks to my university for the opportunity to spend a weekend abroad. i love travelling, for sure. 

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