Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AVON cosmetics

about a week ago i got this huge package of AVON cosmetics. you know what an amazing feeling is to get presents, and if you can find make up in there, it's even better. so, AVON sent me some great stuff from their newest cosmetics line and i am very pleased to try the products.
in this box i found two bottles of AVON newest scent - cherish, two nail polishes, three lipsticks (omg) and an eyeshadow quad. one of my new years resolutions was to get to know cosmetics better and learn how to do a make up because the only one thing i can do - red lips and cat eyes. that's all. so hopefully, these kind of packages will help me to improve soon!

let's start from the best part - lipsticks!
as an absolute red lipstick lover, i can tell that i fell in love with this one from the first sight. it's called red tulip. i like these ultra colour lipsticks because they are very soft and smooth. they also stay on the lips for a long time and don't drain them. also, they have SPF 15, so they are perfect for spring and summer time, as we get more and more sunshine! 

 this one is called spring lilac. this one is my sister's favourite, haha. it's bright and sassy - perfect for spring.
this one is tawny rose. tawny indeed. it's a gorgeous nude colour which can be worn every day - and that's what i do. my mom liked it the most (yeah, we all chose our favourites, hah) but i'm keeping this because i really love this one too! so i highly recommend you buying these AVON lipsticks, not only because of their smoothness and creamy texture but because of SPF 15 too.

also i got these two nail polishes. siberia (the dark one) and purplicious (almost bootylicious - the purple one, as you could expect). i have tried AVON gel finish nail polishes before and i can tell that they are really good. they create that gelish look on the nails and stay long. what is more - one layer is enough (of course, two layers are always better, but if you don't have time to stay still for 20mins, you can apply only one layer and it's ok!). i like the dark one because of its sparkles and as the days get sunnier, i look forward to wearing the purple one.

 eyeshadow quad vintage amnesia. yep, this one is really going to help me with the eye make up. actually, 1 and 2 colours are super cute but i still don't know where to use 3 and 4. it's going to be a long journey till i'll be able to create beautiful make up, but someday...

and last but not least thing - new AVON fragrance cherish. i've seen lots of commercials of this fragrance lately and i can tell it's worth all of these because it's a really nice scent. it's sweet but not too much. it's light and fits that spring spirit of sunny days and blossoms. it's really hard describe a scent but you should really smell this! what is more, i got two bottles of cherish and i'm thinking of giving away one. so if you one of these who want to try this perfume, stay tuned! 

one more huge THANK YOU goes to AVON! i'm really happy to have an opportunity to try any kind of cosmetics! xx

pictures are taken with canon eos 700d camera.


  1. "Spring lilac" lipstick looks really good :)


  2. those lipsticks are amazing, love the colors!
    Emma xx

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