Friday, February 13, 2015


today i spent some lovely time at winner sport store in akropolis where the opening of new stellasport collection for adidas took place. it is a new sportswear collection of stella mccartney. as a new-made sports lover, i can tell that the collection is really cool and i would absolutely love to have some clothes from there - some bras, jumpers or neoprene (yeah yeah, i'm still in love with it) jackets really caught my attention! and the prices aren't very bad, as i thought they would be. don't waste an opportunity to look through stella's sportswear.
what i really liked there too - friendly staff who was offering healthy snacks or even just smiling. of course, nice music (justė starinskaitė for the win!) and the dancers with stella's clothes made the atmosphere even better and brighter. martina (who i was very happy to see again! - you must check her blog) and i thought that this is a great way to show the collection - dress pretty dancers into designer clothes and let them dance. what is more, we got to taste some healthy food from fit food which i tried for the first time and really fell in love!  

jumper and pants from zara || necklace from h&m || shoes from danija

and as always, gifts! we got these super cool stella's usb drivers! that was a really unexpected gift but i can tell that it's a very cool idea. thanks, adidas and stellasport! xx

pictures are taken with canon eos 700D camera.

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