Wednesday, April 29, 2015


aaand i'm continuing to tell you about my evening after visiting a deichmann event. so after all, Martina and i decided to go to the opening of Virginija Valeišaitė collection ALL is ONE showroom (you may know her from mados injekcija (post here)). and i think that we made a really good decision! Virginija herself met us and told more about her clothes, she was so friendly - an amazing person. and this is what i like about events like that - you can talk with anybody you want, to look through the clothes without any worries or something. of course, nice clothes, friendly people and beautiful white room makes these kind of events even better. Martina and i chose these white and red jumpers as our favourites, what's yours? and i really the logo!
and this one is a super cool idea! it's a t-shirt which shines when you take pictures with a flash! ooh, i want this for a photoshoot, no doubt.

some simple but really cute snacks. i haven't eaten m&m's for years and that evening i couldn't stop tasting them!
aaand just one more picture of us. if you accidentally forgot how do we look, haha!

have a nice day! xx

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