Wednesday, April 22, 2015


a couple of weeks ago i got a samsung galaxy a3 phone to try for some time. this phone was described as 'blogger phone' because of its appearance and funny camera options. as iphone lover myself, i thought ok, let's try this one. and yes, it really looks good - the size is really convenient and the appearance is pretty and sleek. of course, it's difficult to talk about functions that are in every phone - mail, messages, games, etc - because it's pretty the same in all the phones. but what i really like in galaxy a3 - camera options. with this one you can make gifs - the moving pictures that are so funny! also there is a selfie function when you show your palm to the camera and the phone sets camera timer automatically and takes a shot - you don't need to push the button while taking a selfie. what was quite disappointing - the resolution of the front camera, the back camera is ok. as a phone that is created for bloggers, it could have a better camera because we need to take pictures of every moment.
for the people that don't need super huge phone but want something elegant and convenient, i would suggest buying this samsung galaxy a3!

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  1. I can openly confess that Samsung is my brand and I am the biggest fan …. For me Samsung is at the top.


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