Saturday, November 24, 2012


yey! there's some new stuff in my small jewellery collection! look at these two amazing backbone rings!
i'm so happy that i bought them! they are from ebay and actually i wanted the golden one but my sister accidentally bought both of them :) the black one came on wednesday, i think, but i was waiting for the golden one to come! and this morning when i was in the bathroom my mom knocked on the door and gave me a small package. i quickly opened it and there it was - my saturday delight! the golden one is absolutely amazing. i don't know what i'm going to do with the black but i will manage something :)


  1. vau! Kaip norėčiau aš tokių... Man visokie tie papuošalai su anatomija tokie gražūs!

    1. aha, man irgi taip patinka anatomijos visokie daikčiukai! ebay visiškai pigiai ten, patariu siųstis, nes tikrai super atrodo :))


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