Monday, November 5, 2012

the blogger tag 2

 11 questions from euphorias room:
 1. What inspires you?
music, inspiring painting, blogs, tumblrs, weheartit etc.

2. Your favourite fashion trend for this season?
stuuuuds! and leather.

3. Your recipe for a bad day?
meet with your best friends, watch a movie or just do something unusual.

4. What is your favorite holiday?
i don't really know, maybe christmas.

5. The most unusual item you have in your wardrobe?
lace leotard or sequined jacket.

6. What makes you smile?
others' smiles, suprises, funny things or anything nice! :) i smile a lot.

7. Your favourite blog.
don't have one favourite but maybe andy or anouska are my favourite bloggers.

8. What is your favourite clothes in woman's and man's wardrobe?
that's a really difficult question! woman's - maybe dresses, shirts... man's - shirts, oxfords...

9. What tools do you use to promote your blog?
i'm in, so maybe it's the only thing how i promote my blog :)

10. The most beautiful place you have ever been?
greece! it's all amazing! maybe venice also one of the most beautiful places.

11. What talent do you have?
hmm, i paint, i play music. don't know more :)

11 questions from gabrielė:
1. to see or to touch ?
that's difficult! to see, i think.

2. when you grow up you will be.. ?
a space traveller

3. what is always in your bag ?
my phone, keys, wallet and vaseline

4. red or black nails ?
definitely red

5. why sugar is sweet ?
because it is carbohydrate saccharose.

6. your biggest fear.
maybe to lose my closest friends and family

7. do you sing in a shower ?
sometimes :) but not really often.

8. do you believe in miracles ?
oh yes, i do!
9. perfection is boring ?
i don't think so. although i've never thought about that...

10. coffe or tea ? 
i'm trying not to drink coffee anymore, so let it be tea. but i love all the lattes and macchiatos! ok, i choose both :D

11. what would you say for karl lagerfeld if you meet him ?

11 questions from milda:
1. What is your style icon?
hm, i don't really have one. but i think olivia palermo.

2. Favorite fashion magazine?
i-D and Vogue.

3.Your life moto?
past is past

4. Best make-up product you own?
vipera shock volume mascara. it's cheap but so great! it makes my lashes look sky high :)

5.Your favorite blogger?
if you asked me about vloggers, i would say - charlieissocoollike. but when i'm talking about bloggers i don't know maybe anoushka or andy.

6.Whic one would you choose: great bag(Prada,Chanel,etc.) or great dress(Moschino,Chanel,etc.)?
great bag because i could carry it along more often :)

7.If you have a chance, to meet with one people who is dead... what it would be? 
that's really difficult! maybe leonardo da vinci.

8.Did you had any nicknames when you were little?
i think i didn't except of all the 'saulytė or mažulis'. but when i was really little i couldn't
pronounce my name so i used to say it like 'ū-a' :D

9.How do you see yourself in 5years from now?
in my dreams - as a pretty and confident young lady, studying something cool.

10.What's your favorite hobby?
in my free time or when i want - cooking, painting. and playing music.

11. What do you prefer: quality or quantity?
it depends. but i would say quality.


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