Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 of nebūla

as always, when its new year's eve you think about what the following year will be like, what happened this year and what resolutions to make now. and here it is again - the last days of 2012. i'll show you some moments from my 2012 even if it's a bit egoistic. but this year was kind of amazing and i don't really know if i can call this the best year of my life, but it maybe was one of the best years so far.
 new year's eve 2011
 first paintings and plasma ball!
 from the photoshoot with agnė
 on the roof top with vaiva
 shooting a look
 a white swan photoshoot with agnė
 one of the most favourite pictures this year taken by my sister
 top model event in our town. it was such a hard but very fascinating day
 let's start summer
 sister's graduation
 with this photo i started writing my blog and i'm happy with nebūla so far
 with vaiva in the wild
 one of the looks this year with studded shorts
 on the plane - flying to england
 one of the most places i visited - the science museum
 the first snow
  the christmas tree of our town
 holding laikas magazine with me on the cover - this was a big deal for me
 at christmas concert with amazing people
cozy christmas eve dinner
 trying a new sister's flash and shooting portraits

and about other stuff:
best book i read in 2012: it might be dan brown 'the lost symbol' or ray bradbury 'dandelion wine'
best movie i watched in 2012: i don't know if these two are the best but they left me an impression: 'looper' and 'savages'.
best music i listened in 2012:
the song i've listened the most may be funeral suits 'all those friendly people'. but this year i found majecticcassual youtube channel and for the background music it's very nice and calm.
favourite youtubers of 2012: these are 3 that i like the most: andreaschoice, beautycrush and charlieissocoollike
the best fashion discovery in 2012: model - cara delevingne
favourite collection of 2012: dolce & gabbana fall-winter 2013
the most important discovery in science: the discovery of higgs boson might be the most important discovery this year

happy new year, guys! see you next year

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