Thursday, February 14, 2013

v day surprises

i don't like valentines day. all the heart-shaped kitch in the stores doesn't make me feel in love. but just because i'm having a bit of vacation these days (the epidemy is announced at our school!), i wanted to make a surprise for my family and friends! today i made cupcakes with cute details on them. it's very simple and easy, you can do this too!
diy lovely decorations:
 little hearts
 little flags. you can write anything on them

easy breezy recipe of the cupcakes:
for 6 cupcakes you will need: 
70g butter
1 egg
4-5g vanilla sugar
75g sugar
2 tablespoons milk
115g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
something to put inside of the cupcakes: caramel, chocolate, jam, love, etc.

for the glaze:
powdered sugar
lemon juice
red edible paint 

what to do with all these things:
put everything together (butter must be melt) and mix. when dough is mixed enough put it into cupcakes baking tins or forms. add something that you want (i chose caramel and bananas) in the middle of the cupcakes (it will drown). bake cakes in 180°C temperature, about 25mins (you will see how they look, if they are gorgeous, take them out). make the glaze and put it on the cupcakes. wait until it's stiff. put the decorations! really simple and really cute!
 and this is the result! bon appetite!

  have a nice day with people that you love!


  1. Ūla, o ar yra mylimas berniukas, kuris tave pasveikino? :))

  2. neee, nesveikino berniukai :)

  3. Eh, negerai būti vienišai :( You should find someone. ;)


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