Thursday, February 21, 2013

new in!

i got home today and two packages were waiting for me. one from ebay, another from the uk. i was so excited to open them! i got my sparkling phone case and vogue uk with cara delevingne on the cover (my birthday present from friends: vogue uk subscription for 3 months. i'm so thankful, guys - it's an absolutely amazing present!).
 i was so excited when i saw that march vogue uk will be with cara! and here it is, in my hands, and i still can't believe that i've got this book of fashion with my favourite model on the cover! aahh, that's amazing!
and yes, i'm addicted to sparkles :D this is my new gold and shiny phone cover!

and i have something more new: galaxy leggings and zara pants. i can say that i love to find something unusual and amazing in the secondhand stores. and my treasure that i found some days ago was galaxy leggings! i was walking through the store's door when i noticed a galaxy print in children's section. no matter that the leggings are for 10-11 year old kids, they fit me (even if they're a bit short :D). another good thing about the leggings - they are absolutely new. i'm so happy that i saw them!
and the other thing that i bought on tuesday - zara pants. they were on sale for about 56lt and i just needed to take them. they are awesome too. and i hope that zara won't disappoint me this time. 

 and the best thing is that the pants have gold zippers!

today was a really exciting afternoon! 
have a nice evening!


  1. Labai grazios kelnes paskutinese nuotraukose :)

    1. dėkuui, man irgi jos tokios gražios! :))

  2. Galaxy leggings'ai labai tinka šiam blogui, pamačiusi nuotraukas pagalvojau, kad čia naujas siuntinys, o kad jie rasti second hand'e labai geras atsitiktinumas! Laukiu derinuko su jais :)

    1. ahaa, seniai aš jau norėjau kažko tokio su galaxy :) tai labai džiaugiuosi, kad radau :))
      labai tikiuosi, kad greitu metu padarysiu kokį derinuką! dėkuii :))


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