Monday, February 18, 2013

diy crystal ring

my diy things are always super easy and simple! today i did a crystal ring. i've been thinking about the ring like this for some time but i hadn't that crystal. and yesterday mom found it - a quartz crystal that my dad brought from ural mountains. we have more rocks and stones from ural but i don't know where they are. i hope that one day i'll find them all!
and here's something that i did today:

 the things you will need: quartz crystal, white moment glue, old ring
 just put some glue on the ring, push the crystal on that ring and press for a minute or two
  wait until the crystal stands still on the ring
 take some photos! yay!
 and yes, you have a perfect crystal ring! i'm so happy!

have a nice day!


it's always nice to hear something from YOU! xx