Wednesday, March 6, 2013

know what you wear

galaxy galaxy galaxy print! i'm interested what nebulae are on all those leggings and catsuits. so i managed to find some of them (blackmilk - they write what nebula is on their clothing, so it was really helpful!). of course, not all the clothes with the universe print have the real picture of  the nebula or stars on them, you can be sure of that.
for the reason that i love nebulae and i love galaxy print, i'll show you some pictures of clothes and nebulae with interesting facts about them:
LH95. it is a stellar nursery (a place where stars are forming) in the large magellanic cloud orbiting in the milky way. here you can see a catsuit and leggings with lh95! and this might be one of the most popular starry prints.
horsehead nebula. it's a dark nebula in the orion constellation. it's called horsehead because it reminds us of a horse head as you can see in the pictures. but it's a pity that this head is not visible on the catsuit.
 W49B. as blackmilk says: "this is the death of a star. this is the birth of a black hole inside a supernova. this is the youngest black hole ever discovered, at a mere 1000 years old. this is probably the most awesome thing you'll ever wear on your body. this image of w49b, along with the knowledge that it was the youngest black hole ever discovered, appeared on february 10 2013". yay, i like when stores give us some interesting information!
 orion nebula. this nebula is also in the constellation of orion. and it's visible to the naked eye in the night sky because it's one of the brightest nebulae. actually, orion is my favourite constellation and this nebula is amazing too. and here you can see the catsuit with the orion nebula.
 it may be ic1318 but i'm not sure about this. but it's really similar to those romwe leggings!
rosette nebula. it's an emission nebula in the milky way. it is named rosette nebula because of that rose shaped redness in this nebula and it's amazing how nebulae are really similar to our casual objects sometimes! and here are the leggings with rosette.
tarantula nebula. it's an extremely luminous nebula. its luminosity is so great that if it were as close to the earth as the orion nebula, the tarantula nebula would cast shadows. and the other cool fact is that tarantula nebula contains the heaviest star known, weighing in at more than 300 times the mass of the sun! and here it is the catsuit and leggings with this beautiful nebula.
 carina nebula. it's a large bright nebula and two of the most massive and luminous stars in our milky way galaxy are in it. there're some stars that have exploded in the last few million years, which is very recent in cosmic terms. they became supernovas! and these leggings, of course, are from blackmilk!

hope that you liked this science-fashion post and now you know more about all these galaxy prints and nebulae as well!

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  1. Great explanation!

    BTW the Tarantula nebula is in the Great Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy of our own that is only visible in the southern hemisphere (and Magellan was the first to see and name it).

    All these gaseous nebulae (except the supernova remnant -- but even that is a death giving new life) are stellar nurseries, also called HII (ionized hydrogen) areas or OB associations. In a close-up of the Rosette nebula you can see the little black globules that are going to become new solar systems :-)

    These pictures are much more impressive as symbols of female fertility than the hell-hole called Venus ever was...



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