Friday, March 1, 2013


i've been feeling not so well today, so i spent a day at home. while drinking tones of tea i did some surfing through the internet shops. nastygal inspired me with all the crazy stuff in there, so i decided to show you something that i found today. i think i can call all these things statement things, because they're really cool.

first of all, just for fun. really hilarious statement - asos cross. i wouldn't wear it, maybe you know who would?
 some cute necklaces. first one from stephan & co, second one - not so big but still nice - from mohito and the third one, a cheaper version, from ebay.
this ring is totally amazing! it's a bit creepy but i still love it. i found it maybe a year ago and it was saved and forgotten at my favourites and now i remembered it! just look at this crazy eye from kimberly klosterman's jewelry.
simple but kinda unique headphones from nastygal. i would definitely wear these. but i'm still wondering about the sound.
  this catsuit from blackmilk would fit my post about science in fashion perfectly. they sell more catsuits like this in their store and all of them are absolutely amazing.
and here comes the disco! i've never been a disco pants lover but they look pretty nice in a way. i like those on the left - jade pants - the most. they're a bit crazy but fashionable at the same time. you can find these at missguided.
these made me laugh! what do you think? they even shine! omg, jeffrey campbell knows how to make unique shoes. no, i wouldn't have this pair but it would be interesting to see somebody wearing these sneakers. don't they remind you a rainbow cake?
bolt heels! i feel kind of pleasure just looking at them! they are from nastygal that's where all the beautiful shoes come from. (they're by madison harding)
this pair of mosters from nastygal by jc was my inspiration! when i saw them i was just like 'wooow'. i would love to try walking in these someday. they are such a huge statement!
and something from the local shops: really nice heels from zara
  and a bit smaller but still really cute wedges from mango.

so these are some crazy+lovely things that i've found.
and SPRING is here at last! have a nice evening!

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