Sunday, March 24, 2013

polar weekend

sooo, on friday i went to vlnius to see my sister and we spent two lovely days together. i love being with my sis, because anything we do - watching batman, finding new cozy cafes or going shopping - everything is so amazing. and you can check out infashion magazine, where there is something about my sister's closet!
 at the new sister's flat!
friday fun and saturday breakfast

 and on saturday we went to the city centre. so here is my polar bear outfit:
wearing: zara pants || danija shoes || grandma's made scarf || second hand fake fur || sweater - gift

and happy hour for glitter lovers! one more shiny piece of clothing in my closet: a skirt from vintage humana. it was only 11lt (~3€). i love the material and that glittering:
ok, the last good thing: guess what was waiting for me at home? yes, a huge and fat british vogue! i'm not loving the cover but i like the colour of the letters on it. now i know what i'm going to do this holiday week!

hope you all are well! have a nice sunday evening! x


  1. Man labai gražūs tavo ir tavo sesės santykiai!! :)

    1. oo, kaip fainai! :)
      taaaip, labai džiaugiuosi turėdama tokią sesę :))

  2. Replies
    1. ahaa, man irgi labai jie patinka, visą žiemą pranešiojau! :) ačiū! xx

  3. LOVE your pants like soooooooooo much :D

  4. Labai grazus ir siltas derinukas, tobula!


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