Tuesday, January 27, 2015


so as i mentioned in the previous post, today i'm showing you my eyebrows routine which is actually very very easy.
here are my brows without any make up. when they're so nude i feel like i don't have a face and i'm very blank, haha. i don't use mascara and lipstick everyday, so my eyebrows are like the main point of my face and i need them to look nice. as cara delevingne came to fashion, brows have become very important to most of the girls, but i feel like not everyone understands how to make them look good and some of the girls have like huge eyebrows that covers half of the face, some look very surprised with very high eyebrows, some almost look like frida kahlo. so i'll show how i do my eyebrows and i hope you'll find this brow routine simple and useful.

2 things i use: brown golden rose eyebrow pencil (from local make up store) and a small sponge from another pencil (just for blending):
first step: i fill the eyebrows with the pencil. i literally colour them. watch out the lines - you don't need to get off the brow contour.
second step: blend the pencil. i don't like brows that have sharp angles, so i blend all the lines and everything with that small sponge.
aaaand it's done! i told you that this is really simple and takes one minute (ok, maybe two minutes) of my morning routine. hopefully this was helpful and you will try this too.


  1. Patinka man ryškūs antakiai... Gražuu... Bet kai pati susitvarkau kažkaip taip, tai atrodo per daug ryškūs ir kažkokia.. hmmm ne tokia pati sau :D


    1. aha, žinau žinau, būna, kad neįprasta sau atrodai :D gal reikia pradėt nuo mažiau ryškių, tada matysi, ar įpranti prie to ar ne :)


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