Tuesday, January 20, 2015


hello! first of all, huge apologies for being gone for almost 3 weeks. it was an exam marathon which took me a lot of time. but now i'm back on track with some ideas for next posts. but for now - something what everybody really likes (i don't know it's just me or everybody who likes hauls?).
some days ago i got an email from new yorker and i was asked to go to their store and just pick 5 items which i like the most as a gift. these are the tasks that i love. who wouldn't? so yesterday i went there and found some amazing things that will fit my closet perfectly. if you like these clothes and want to get them too, hurry up, because everything's on sale right now!

so, the first piece of clothing that i chose was this sporty white skirt (6,95€). it will look great in summertime with tanned skin and crop tops! the only one not black item, interesting.

the second - dark blue pants (14,95€) which are made from material like microfibers. they are really soft and look good. i didn't want jeans, so i chose these kind of classy, kind of casual pants and i like that they have zippers at the back of the legs.

other items were two dresses. there will never be too many dresses in the closet! as i don't have many of them, i wanted to get some new. so i chose one mermaid shiny sequinned dress (14,95€) and another kind of classy dress with some sporty details (14,95€). and i like how they look on my body. hopefully i won't get any fatter, haha.

and last but not least - a fur jacket (29,95€). omg, this one is perfection. of course, the fur gets a bit static, so i think it can be a small problem, but anyways, it's too pretty. i wish spring will come very soon because i already want to wear it all the time!

so i want to say a huge thanks to new yorker for giving me this opportunity! thank you thank you so much! and stay tuned for outfits with these gorgeous items!

p.s. i got some comments asking how i do my eyebrows - the next post will be about my brows!

photos are taken with canon eos 700d camera.


  1. so amazing skirt ;-)

    i invite to me too

  2. Ta juoda suknelė kažkas tobulo <3



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