Friday, January 30, 2015

pink matter

some pink magic surrounded me. pink nails, pink clothes, pink nike shoes. i have to admit the love to pink colour. so i want to share with you two new items that i got recently. first of all, i started working out at the gym and i'm super excited about that. motivation still stays above 100% after three weeks of sporty life. i've never been to the gym before but i've always been doing some workouts at home or outside with my friends. but the gym is such a good place to spend one or two hours per day! it has become my daily routine, so now i can't imagine a morning without working out. so to keep my motivation high i needed new running shoes (of course, i need more sports clothes now), so i took these neon hot pink nike shoes. now it's 50% discount for nike clothing in sportland, so if you are a fitness lover too, you may be interested. so my new nikes were only 46€, that's a really good price for nike shoes! i love to see them on my feet or just standing there in my room. of course, they're very comfy and super cool.

and another pink thing that i got is not so neon, haha. it's this cute baby pink h&m sweater. very soft and lovely. definitely worth those 20€. i feel like wearing it everyday, it fits everything. 

have a super cool friday! xx

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  1. Megztukas tobulas <33333


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