Tuesday, March 17, 2015


hello , my dear readers! how are your spring days? i just love this warm sun and the smell of spring! 
i got some MAYBELLINE products recently: two for eyebrows and an eye liner. so today i'm doing a short review of these three products!
just to have something to compare with, here're my bare eyebrows.
first one - maybelline master shape brow pencil. i got it in deep brown 260 shade. it fits my brow colour perfectly. i can say that i'm that brow pencil lover, i use eyebrow shadows rarely, so it was a really good choice from maybelline. this pencil had that wax effect - i don't know how to call it - but as you apply the pencil, eyebrows stand right in the place they should stand and feels like they have been sprayed with a hair spray, haha. also, it has a brow brush and it's really good, because it has visible effect once you brush the brows. after applying this pencil and brushing them, the brows look really neat and nice!
the second - brow drama eyebrow mascara. my shade was dark brown. this brow mascara is very good when you don't have much time to make your brows look good. it brushes and adds colour to your eyebrows at once, it's so convenient. for me, actually, it's a bit not enough colour, but it's just because i like to make my brows dark. but if you are not that huge dark brow person, you may really like this one! also, after i put this on, my brow hair became stiff (it's kind of that stiffness like after applying mascara on the eyelashes) and looked surely good.

and then i put on both of the brow products - this made my eyebrows absolutely perfect! yes, i love them like this. nice!

and the last one product was a master graphic eye liner. the first thing i need to tell you - i made the best winged eyeliner in my entire life with this one! i guess that it was my first time trying something like this one - marker type eye liner. but i had to spend some time until i made this line really dark black, because at first the liner isn't dark enough and i had to put on some layers. but at last i was really excited about my cat eyes! but there is another not so exciting thing - it smudges very easily and you have to keep on looking in the mirror if you don't want to look like captain jack sparrow.

tell me if you have tried these products and how did you like them! 
have a beautiful and sunny day! xx


  1. ech, gerai būtų, kad tikros tokios būtų :)) lęšiai čia :))

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