Sunday, June 28, 2015


when i got an email with an offer to try "THE BEAUTY BOX"  from i was really excited and happy that lithuanians started doing things like that! and when it arrived - omg - it was more than exciting. a box full full full of cosmetics with such a nice smell which filled up all my room. definitely one of the best things that i got during my blog career, haha!
 so this is what i basically got in the box - some small but really nice things to try. 
 beauty blender - when i saw this, i was so so so so so happy! for a long time i wanted to buy this but somehow i never got an opportunity to do that. anyway, this little cutie came to me itself. ant what i can say - it was really worth waiting because this is a really good thing, it blends all the make up on the face and makes it look smooth and flawless. on the other hand, it takes a while to wash it but i don't care, i love it anyways. 
 you & oil handmade soap -  i have never tried you & oil product before but the first impression after trying this soap was really good. it smells delicious and leaves the skin smooth and nice after washing. it is even better that it's handmade - so obviously it is a really worth-trying product. and i also like the package - it's minimal but eye-catching.
 avril le vernis nail polish - even though i'm not such a huge fan of orange colour, this nail polish had that nice orange shade which is perfect for summer and really fits tanned skin (which i won't be having this summer, arghhh). two coats on your nails and here we go to the streets of hot summer.
uoga uoga morning beauty ritual set - i also wanted to try uoga uoga cosmetics for a long time as i heard lots and lots good things about these products. finally i have an opportunity and i can say that people don't lie about uoga uoga. i can tell only one bad thing - this set is too small for me, i want more, haha! this set contains of four pieces, step by step: 'moon dew' which cleans and relaxes the skin, 'lost flamingo' which moisturises and makes the skin smooth and healthy, 'peachy' natural blush powder with amber which gives light and warm rosy shade to the cheeks and 'handful of sun' a nouirishing hand creme which softens hand skin without making it sticky. when i will be back home i will definitely buy some more products from uoga uoga cosmetics. you should try this too for sure.
l'occitane pivoine flora hand creme - there is not much to say about l'occitane cosmetics. i always loved and always will be loving their products. this hand creme is not an exception, it smoothens and softens hands leaving a gentle flowery scent of peonies on them. lovely!
avon luxe 'designer red' lipstick. this was also one of my favourite things to find in a beauty box. as a lipstick addict who loves red shades the most, i can tell this is definitely that perfect red colour. oh, i don't like it, i love it. 
di palomo hand & body lotion. i guess that the beauty box had such an intensive smell because of this lotion. it also feels really nice and tender on the skin, but that smell! oh, really really good! it's all natural so this is even better.

and unfortunately, there are some product which i didn't have an opportunity to try. really sad but i couldn't take them with me to London. anyway, i have no doubt that they are worth trying and as soon  as i come back home i will see how they work! there are 'makeness' lavender hidrolate, 'monoi' jasmine oil and two testers: 'you & oil' oil for sensitive skin and 'ahava' hand creme.

i can say huge huge huge thank you for for an opportunity to collaborate with you and try these super cool products!

have a nice sunday, everybody. take care! xx

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