Tuesday, June 23, 2015


some time ago we were invited to l’oreal event. this one was quite interesting, because here they showed not a new cosmetics line or something like that but an app. this app - makeup genius - is a real innovation and really fun and interesting app to use. here you can see how make up looks on your face, you can try loads of different products in a minute. if you’re looking for something and don’t have time for trying all the lipstick colours or all the mascaras, this app is for you. or maybe you just want to have some fun with your face, haha. for me, it’s like a game. you put some make up on your face and move, make expressions and that make up stays in the places of the face where it supposed to be. it’s a technology that scans the main points of the face and adapts to facial expressions. i’ve tried this app for the first time at the event and had lots of laugh! you should try it too! it works even on boys and it’s even more fun, hahaha, but my guys didn’t want me to show their make ups here, sorry :( but i can tell that they look like drag queens or cute girls, haha!have a look what i have done with my face:

and of course, we got some gifts from l’oreal’s new line. quality cosmetics and great colours - what can be better? this lipstick is definitely my new love.

pictures are taken with canon N2

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