Sunday, November 9, 2014

#DrabuziuIstorijos + konkursas

my closet may be half empty if there weren't any clothes from second-hand stores. i have lots of clothing items that were worn before me and i love them. i don't think that's something wrong to wear clothes from thrift shops because every item might have a story and you're a part of it. actually, my favourite clothes are basically from those stores and i have lots of stories how i successfully found something there.
and asked me to share a story with you about my favourite treasure that is found in second-hand store.
we have lots of stores in my home town and some of them are offering amazing bargains there. one of my favourite thrifted item this summer was black h&m pants. nothing really special but it was kind of interesting that they were waiting for me for about three weeks in the store and i could't decide if i want them or not. i bought them at last for 10LT (about 4$) and they became my favourite and most wearable clothing item! i have lots of outfits with these pant because they are just perfect for every occasion.

could you tell that docs or hilfiger jacket is thrifted too? the secret is - keep searching. among all the useless stuff some treasures can hide. and, for example, i found hilfiger jacket in boy's section, so unexpected places can be an answer too. these are some clothes that i'm very happy about.


kviečiu visus turinčius instagram ir paskyras sudalyvauti konkurse ir laimėti 70LT kuponą apsipirkti! taisyklė tik viena:

- po šia mano instagram nuotrauka komentare palikite savo nario vardą.

po savaitės (11.16) burtų keliu išrinksiu nugalėtoją, kuris už 70LT galės išsirinkti norimą rūbą :))

P.S. labai dėkoju už vardinę pakabą! nuostabi dovana man ir mano blogui! :))

have a nice sunday! xx

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