Thursday, November 13, 2014


a few weeks ago i was asked by a lovely junior account executive Justina to take part in a shopping centre PANORAMA project with bloggers. we needed to create two outfits - one for an evening in the theatre and another just a casual outfit - from all the clothes in the shopping centre.
when i came there ready to do some styling, i didn't expect that to be so difficult. when you have tons of clothes and you need to do only two looks it becomes like a nasa mission. suddenly all the clothes seem to be not matching or even beautiful and after hours spent running around the stores and searching for the right clothing items i didn't know what to do. yes, i spent like 8 hours in PANORAMA and made these two outfits at last. of course, i would have spent there the whole day if i had time. i'm not very proud of what i've done but afterwards there was a contest in facebook where people could like the outfits that we, bloggers, made. and they liked my outfits quite a lot, surprisingly. a huge thank you for that! and a contest winner was Nereta, who, i think, was really worth winning!
and when few weeks later i met Justina again to receive an unexpectedly huge prize, she said that all clothes from my outfits were bought very soon after the project. so this made me proud! after all i want to say a massive THANK YOU for PANORAMA for having me in this contest which was a wonderful and very interesting experience!
and these are my outfits:

the casual one
 shoes from aldo || shorts from promod || sweater and fur coat from bershka

evening in the theatre
shoes and accessories from aldo || skirt from apranga || fur coat from city || body from bershka

tell me what you think about these!
have a nice day! xx


  1. so cute ;-)


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  2. Tai kad labai jau gražūs tie outfitai!! Antras išvis pasaka ... :))

  3. love your both stylings!


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