Tuesday, August 14, 2012

London in food

let's go back to my trip. when i was in london i tried to eat what i don't eat in lithuania. i wanted to buy all the food what i can't buy here. i really wanted to try fish & chips and i did it. but i'm vegetarian, so i couldn't eat other british dishes like english breakfast or roast beef. of course, our weekly menu wasn't very impressive - very much prefabricated and junk food contained it.
 first evening - pizza in piccadilly!
 this was like a miracle to me because i have eaten this rice in heineken open'er last year in poland and i have been searching for it in lithuanian markets and everywhere. i only saw them in poland. and we were walking through asda dairy section and i suddenly saw it - my rice! i was like ':ooo omg'. of course, i bought all the different flavors right away :D
 sainsbury's donut and chocolate milk that my sister recommended to me (it's so tasty!)
caramel macchiato @ starbuck's

wispa gold mcflurry @ mcdonald's
@ mr. wu restaurant where you can take as much food as you want for 4,99£
the lovely bottle of wine
friji chocolate drink, tesco donut, yogurt with smarties and pudding
mocha cookie crumble frappuccino that ugne made! soooo tasty
super huge meals in some chinese food restaurant. we even couldn't finish our portions!
even more starbuck's :)
oreo cookies that i wanted to try very much and blueberry muffin from starbuck's

i think the only thing i can get in lithuania and i bought in london is coke. but i drank cherry coke there too! :D

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