Friday, August 24, 2012

London in shopping or huge primark haul

it's kind of funny but one of the most wanted to visit places was primark :D all my friends who were in london told me a lot about this store. and i wasn't dissapointed. it's cheap, big and there are a lot of clothes (not all of them are worth buying but the most og them, i think)! i'll show you what i've bought:

 neon tshirts. one for me, one for my friend
one of the best item of clothing that i bought. only 10£!
 two belts
 sexy skirt and turquoise-green pants
 top from h&m
 neon top for my friend
 chiffon shirt for my friend
 white chiffon and lace shirt
  hawaiian playsuit and cheap 7 pairs of socks
 dress dress!
 two tops, don't know why i bought them but maybe i'll use the somehow
 chiffon shirt with small black cats
  size 18 shirt from new look
two collars, two rings, watch and bun
  black shirt

i bought some things for my sister too but she took them and i couldn't take photos of them. :s so, that's all, i think. but i'm very happy about shopping in england.

and there's an envelope clutch that i got from ebay! i really love it.

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  1. ach ! I want "chiffon shirt with small black cats ".... Mmm I love this !


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