Wednesday, August 8, 2012

London in memories

hello again, lithuania. i came back from london and i have so many impressions and i'm so excited about my trip! everything is so fresh that i don't even know how to start telling you about this. the trip was full of experience, british-english language and unforgettable memories. maybe you'll see more in the photos not in my stories. :)
i was flying there on my own, but of course i met my friends there, i lived with my friend in the rented room. our landlady was lithuanian too but home was the place where we've been the least. during the last week i saw so many things that i only saw in books or on the internet.

 let's get started!
 first of all - travelling card

 at my friend's ugnė place
 snake snake! it's living in the flat where ugnė is living. it's her landladie's snake (my mom was scared when she saw these photos :D)
 gummy lips
 we accidentally came on the place where people were watching marathon. that was really unexpected but at least once we felt olympic spirit there
 ice boom!
 m&m's world
 we were walking through portobello market and we saw a photosession. that's model talk
pony in the park near our cottage
 polluted river near our house too. even it's so polluted i was amazed by this view
 ice cream + ice skating

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